When disinfectant itself got infected



Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis during election victory celebrations at BJP Office, Nariman Point on Saturday.

Once upon a time, I heard somewhere that in a democracy voters are the best disinfectants.

I doubt. Because when I looked at Maharashtra’s Municipal Corporation and Jilha Parishad election results I don’t see that disinfectant effect so far.

It is the first time in last 10 to 15 years that any party or leader en-cashed this kind of huge victory.

Nagar Parishad, Municipal Corporations, Jilha Parishad everywhere BJP has won more than 50 percent seats. Out of 212 Nagar Parishad BJP managed to win more than 55. And the direct election of Head of Municipality benefited BJP a lot.

Because of this diabolical success Chief Minister Devendra Fadanvis has emerged as a big leader after the straight victory in 8 Municipal Corporations and more than 10 Jilha Parishad.

Like his fans, supporters are admiring him as a Maharashtra’s Narendra or ” DIILIT NARENDRA ANI RAJYAT DEVENDRA”.  But after this huge success, the question remains there about the real strength of BJP.

Because to win the elections BJP simply went to the stretch. They allowed tainted and criminals into the party. Provided them security and gave free hand.

BJP imported political leaders from all parties, especially from Congress, NCP, Shiv Sena and MNS. The cadre was a bit confused because the people who got tickets and status in the party were in opposition just a few hours before. And now, Devendra Fadanvis compelled cadre and karyakartas to campaign for those with whom they fought for years.

This was not the only problem, Devendra Fadanvis denied tickets to loyalist and clever one.

Secondly, BJP always accused Congress of their dynasty culture in politics. In 2014 Loksabha elections Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not forget to humiliate “ MAA BETE KI SARKAR “. But when he came in power Gazani effect worked hard, and BJP forgot what dynasty means actually.

BJP leaders’ sons, wives, relatives were the biggest beneficiaries in this mini Vidhansabha elections.

Which is unnatural to the party’s basic ideology which refers to Golvalkar Guruji and Dindayal Upadhyayji.

Let’s look at these issues individually



Pawan Pawar who is a well known criminal face in Nasik, He is accused of murder, attempt to murder, extortion and 15 other serious crimes. He is the main accused in police constable’s murder case. His terror in his area paid him well. He elected as a corporator in the previous election and enjoyed Prabhag Samiti’s status. In Nashik, he was the first choice. Because BJP leaders were sure that Pawan Pawar can be useful hand to gain at least 4 to 5 seats. Media flaked BJP and as a result, party denied him the ticket. But Pawan managed to win the seat by dummy candidate.

Pintu Dhawde won 2012 election with the help of NCP ticket in Pune. He was very close to Ajit Pawar. When Devendra Fadanvis was an opposition leader 4 years back, He attacked NCP and called them as a rest house for criminals. But 2.6 yrs back Devendra Fadanvis came in power and power corrupts him absolutely. He completely forgot what he said when he was in opposition. I think that is a Gazani effect. BJP failed to stand with clean and pure faces. Pintu’s ticket was almost confirmed, but again media exposed his kundali and finally,, Pintu Dhawade’s ticket went to his wife. A tainted criminal’s wife became a BJP corporator.

These are some primary examples. BJP played the same game in every district and Jilha Parishad.

which shows the new character of BJP and a changed manDevendra Fadanvis.



Pune’s NCP leader and MLA Anil Bhosale shares a personal bond with Sharad Pawar’s family. It’s been 98 years since Bhosale’s family members are in Corporation. This time NCP was very reluctant to give a ticket to them. And Bhosale family wanted to mark a history to be in Municipal Corporation for 100 yrs. So at last moment wife of Anil Bhosale Mrs. Reshma joined hands with BJP. And win ticket over loyalist. Another interesting fact is Anil Bhosle’s daughter Devki is a wife of BJP strongman Sanjay Kakade’s Son. So it was like ‘’ Ghar ka mamala”, But in this game of power, local BJP cadre was just helpless.

Another funny incidence happened in Nasik. Vinayak Pandey, a die hard Shivsainik for more than 35 years demanded a ticket for his son and sister-in-law. But local Shiv Sena leaders denied ticket to his son. The furious Vinayak Pandey literally scuffled with the part. After this high voltage drama, Pandey went to the BJP office, where Guardian Minister Girish Mahajan was distributing AB forms. Pandey approached him, discussed the whole issue and got two AB forms for his son and sister-in-law. But Shiv Sena leaders from Mumbai convinced Pandey and stopped him from entering into BJP. It was a big blow to BJP. But they never mind.

BJP’s unwilling cadre said that they have never seen such kind of desperation for power in Vajpayee, Adwani era.

  1. Dynasty Politics


BJP loves the phrase “ Party with the difference “.  So when Narendra Modi projected as a Prime ministerial candidate, BJP portrayed him a grass root leader. Mr. Modi belongs to an OBC category. He used to sell tea at the railway station in his childhood. To be precise, a Chaiwala became a Prime Minister. And it can happen in BJP only.

But when it came to local politics, BJP failed to find devoted, grass rooted and loyal karyakartas for tickets. And their search ended at their own leader’s doorsteps.

In Mumbai MP Kirit Somaiyyas Son Neil, former Mumbai President Raj Purohits son Aakash, Minister Vidya Thakur’s son Deepak enjoyed the confidence of party.

In Jilha Parishad elections, Party president Raosaheb Danave’s daughter Aasha Danve-Pandey, Minister Pankaja Munde’s cousin Rameshwar and more than two dozens of BJP leaders’ relatives got tickets and they won the election.

It is a significance of what is the taste of Power!

Opposition already lost credibility. They do not have a clean face. People still did not forget their sins. So voters are not ready to trust them.  This is the major problem and it is the strength of BJP.

Going back to our disinfectant issue. Voters were very much aware of this kind of adjustment politics. Still, they did not dare to take some bold decisions. Definitely, there were good faces in the race but they were defeated by BJP’s astronomical campaign. Disinfectant itself got infected by politics.

I remember what Mark Twain’s once said and I quote,




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  1. mastch .. but what I thnk is sir ghee nikalane ke liye thodi ungali tedhi karani pade to aacha hai! .. and belive me one line “Amhi bhi Ghadalo tumi bhi ghada na” chandanachya sange Vruksha bigadale

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